Dealing With Difficult People: Webinar Key Points

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Working with Difficult People- Summary_Columbus

Working with Difficult People- Summary_Columbus


Here is a summary of an exciting Webinar with a group from Columbus Communications in Trinidad & Tobago.

The first step in understanding and working with people is to recognize that one’s behaviour cannot be totally ascribed as their personality. Personality is an intricate pattern of behaviours, thoughts and feelings which make a person unique. Therefore, we cannot label a person, based solely on the behaviour (s) displayed. We must change this mind-set.

Here are three (3) powerful points in working with “difficult” people:

1. Self-Awareness: We must first understand ourselves- our likes, dislikes, preferences and dis-inclinations. Demonstrating self-awareness, allows us to be open and appreciative of others.

  • Communication: In the event that a person’s behaviour is perceived to be difficult and disrupting the achievement of goals and objectives, we must first seek to understand the behaviour:
  • We must then advise the individual of the specific behaviour- doing so politely, privately and in a non-judgemental manner;

2. In dialogue, we try to genuinely ascertain the reasons for displaying the behaviour and highlight the consequences of such. With this step, we need to resist the urge to assume and critique, but to be evidential in detailing the behaviour and consequences. Being evidential allows us to gain credibility and trust.

3. Emotional Intelligence and Flexibility: Based on the previous point, we must demonstrate active listening- seeking to first to understand and then to be understood. We also need to be flexible- as related to self-awareness, the underlying issue may lie with us and our approach, so we must be able to adapt according to the situation at hand and adopt positivity.

 Remember- efforts are not made to change the person.  The objective is to better understand how to work more effectively together, all for the fulfilment of a common goal. This will require changed mind-sets and modified behaviours – usually on both sides.

“Difficult people are your key to self-empowerment- you need to learn how to cope with them…” Janice Davies.

Courtesy of Prudence Williams ….thanks!

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